Modular Matrix

NOTE: If you're looking for the Matrix website, go to If you're looking for the commercial Matrix hosting service, go to This project is not affiliated with either of those two.

Hi! This will eventually be the website for Modular Matrix, a project to build a modular JavaScript SDK for the Matrix protocol, as an alternative to the matrix-js-sdk.

Currently there's not much here yet, though you can have a look at the already-published packages if you're curious about how things are going. Most of the ongoing work currently lives in the client repository, and will be split out into separate modules as individual pieces are completed.

You can contact me on Matrix as

Primary design goals

These are not the *only* goals, but they are the most important ones, and the ones that are most often overlooked in library design.

The common theme here is that Modular Matrix is designed to be human-friendly. It's not about clever technical hacks or micro-optimized implementations that exploit runtime specifics, but about creating a set of libraries that are pleasant to work with and don't yield unpleasant surprises.